Manual handling course

Manual handling course
February 3, 2016

Managing staff of Ada/Rainbow took training on a trainers course called “Manual handling for adults and children”.

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This course was about how to manage the risk in homes, hospitals and centres, protecting the service user. They learned new practical techniques and solutions to make all the movements they have to carry out to their clients, safer for everybody when they are working. It was basically about teaching confident to be teaches and on how to coach the staff.

All this depending on the disability of the client, children who are smaller and need lot of protection and people with dementia that refuse to be handle and don’t want to be moved. Thanks to this course now the trainers from Ada/Rainbow have new solutions to move people with ease. The course is the most advanced in handling with those who have difficult situations.

This training was given by the qualified health and safety training consultant Wendy Jackson.

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