From the moment you contact us, we’ll make sure you get the care you will need.


After a quick assessment, we will advise you on the services to your situation, through a personalized program.


Once you decide to hire our services, there are a number of options you can choose from, which are detailed below. However, you can contact us to resolve any doubts that may arise either by using our email or through our phone numbers found on this website.


Our services

Personal Care:


Personal hygiene:

  • Planning and hygiene education.
  • Personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Assist in dressing.


Intake and eating habits:

  • Help or feed and drink.
  • Control of food and education on eating habits.



  • Help to get in and out of bed.
  • Help to make postural changes.
  • Help with mobility within the home.


Special cares:

  • Support in with incontinence.
  • Temporal and spatial orientation.
  • Control of the administration of medical treatment in coordination with the health teams.
  • Assistance and companionship at night.


Family life help and social life:

  • Companionship inside and outside of the home.
  • Support in domestic organizations.
  • Leisure activities within the home.
  • To encourage participation in leisure activities within their community.
  • Assist with acquisition and development of skills, be it with abilities and personal habits and coexistence.



Attention to the domestic or home needs:



  • Preparation of basic meals at home.
  • Purchase of food under service user procurement.


Garment Care:

  • Laundry at home or laundrette.
  • Management of clothing.
  • Ironing of clothes at home or laundrette.
  • Purchase of clothes under user procurement.


Property maintenance:

  • Daily and general cleaning of the house, except in specific cases of necessity that this task will be determined by the responsible technical service staff.
  • Small property maintenance under normal conditions which the person himself of herself would make, and are not subject to other professions.



In addition to these daytime activities within the home, we also offer night care if you or your family need to be addressed overnight.

We also complement with our services if and when if needed to stay with you or family during convalescence in a hospital or clinic, both in Gibraltar or any other area where needed.


Some of our many services are focused on personal help to seniors who are struggling to achieve autonomy who live alone and may require support to remain at home, and that of persons who are disabled of any age. We also offer services to those with limited personal autonomy and under whose families may need supplement care with appropriate professional attention to their situation, either with intellectual disability or illness convalescence.




When relatives are overwhelmed by all the responsibility of caring for a dependent person in charge, without taking a break for themselves, a caregiver burnout can occur.

Self-care and daily rest for a caregiver are essential and is absolutely necessary, in order to avoid overloads that endanger their health and emotional stability. It is convenient to take a few days of relaxation or a short vacation with other family and friends.

In this regard, we offer the opportunity to have our professionals so can give yourself a temporarily rest of the care of your loved ones at the time you stated.

Contact us for more information.




Ada Company and Rainbow Services has a highly qualified trained staff of which are constantly undergoing training to better our services.

However, we are committed to lifelong learning as a key part of the quality of service we perform, and which marks the level of professionalism of the people who make our company. Having knowledge of new techniques in both mobility and care for the people as well as being knowledgeable about the products available on the market for this purpose, it makes us have a broader vision and be more objective in situations we can meet with different users, keeping in mind the guidelines set by our agency.

Similarly, we make reports more updated with knowledge in the techniques applied, which will give us greater security in defending our positions in front of customers.

At Ada and our Rainbow Services Company we encourages all types of training and will continue subjecting  courses to all our staff, specifically two per year with different themes for greater professionalism of our staff.



Ada Company and Rainbow Services Philosophy

Ada Company and Rainbow Services fundamental objective is to develop a set of integrated services, aimed at improving the quality of life of elderly and those who have disability.

Maintaining a close relationship with our users, which is based on respect and affection, which will enhance the self-esteem and encourage their vital interests is one of our basic principles, and as such, our staff in our company’s conduct itself with this principle, as one of our fundamental pillars.


To achieve this we work with these basic lines:

  • To support the capabilities of our consumer.
  • Encourage and promote social relationships and activities.
  • Rehabilitate the altered capabilities.
  • Provide for the emergence or worsening of disorders and diseases avoiding increasing dependency.
  • Support and assist or replace the person for the realization of the altered or lost functions.